This colony is a GIANT Spartan colony. It's full of spartans who plan war, prepare for battle, and is out fighting in an actual war. But they have a Policy that policy is: "Leave no man behind." that means when they start a war, they never leave each other's side. When they are out on a war, when one is hurting one person goes back to help while others protect the two. They have 40,000 members currently, and is planning for an attack. The 35 k members have 4 main generals and 20 generals with each 1 main general, so in all 80 generals. The 4 generals guard and lead all the 4 corners of the place, with 1 leader telling them what to do. so 3150 members that are slaves and serving the mayor, 80 generals, 4 main generals and 1 leader, and 31,765 people in the army. The 4 main generals each lead 7941 people in the army. Sometimes when they are in major trouble they are gather up together to fight the opposite team. The 4 generals are named: Zenon Marckiah, Alexios Kakos, Jebedian kerman and Alexaiver. The mayor's name is: Pantodynamos aftokratoras ton Spartiaton

Number of Members: 40,000

Number of Land: 2

Wins: 1

Defeats: 0


Catapult - They set giant rocks on fire and pushes the giant rock on the catapult with the shields, then as they fire onto an enemy, that thing is immediately destroyed, or half destroyed and is on fire, depending on what it is.

Shield - They can smack their shields into the enemies' faces to knock them out.


Ships - They use ships to travel on the water.

Foot - They run away if they have to.

Swimming - They can swim through the water mighty fast, up to 2.5 Miles Per hour. 


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