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The Aegean Fleet is the naval fleet from Krátos, the admiral is Paramonos Anthis, and the fleet currently has exacty 902 ships.


  • War Ships - The fleet has 300 normal warships. The war ships are equipped with slots for flaming arrows, catapults on the deck, and ballista's. 
  • Melee Ships - The fleet has 230 melee ships. The ship are equipped with arrow slots, and a boarding plank in which falls onto another ship, which attaches the ships with a board and a steel nail to keep it in the ship's deck. As this happens, soldiers can cross on the plank and go to work with melee power.
  • Ramming Ships - The fleet has 200 ships meant for ramming onto other ships.
  • Sail Boats - The fleet has 100 ships that are advanced, and move with sails and have everything a warship has.
  • Trade Ships - The fleet has 100 ships that transfer trading goods.