Agra is an Egyptian leader in his created village Bazaar. He is 28 years old and has lead his group of followers into a new home which is the village he made.



Agra is a very muscular toned, dark skinned man with veins popping out of his muscle without any attempt of flexing. He wears a white hood that wraps around his neck and wears brown stone shoulder pads. One of his most notable features is the gold plate on his chest that is on a sleeveless top that has snake scales and silk, white, and gold line designs. He wears white half fingered silk gloves a gold piece on his right hand glove, and an open spot on his left hand glove. On the opening of the glove it has a green strap for it to be around his arm. His top is wrapped around with a green belt and huge round gold buckle, with straps hanging from the belt holding gold rings. On his side he wears a beige and brown pouch. His top hangs in the front and the back covering most of his green pants that are also covered by long white boots.

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