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Akbar Dezh (meaning "Great Fort" in Persian)  was a Persian city located in what is now Northern Iran.   


It was destroyed in a battle with Legion CCC and most of its citizens were enslaved.  The mayor was exiled, but generously to a city of luxury called Tharwat.  Rashne was killed in battle with Titus Otho


The city of Akbar Dezh was mainly built of sandstone bricks.  It had a marketplace where you can buy stuff like figs, spices, garlic, and bread.  You can also see street performers juggle balls and breath fire, and acrobats jump from building to building.   You can also buy scimitar swords (a curved kind of sword used in the middle east) and bows.  Most of the people in the city wear turbans and cloaks. 

The eastern quarter of the city is dangerous and has a higher rate of crime, people have been known to get robbed there.  The people of the eastern quarter are uneducated and are suffering in poverty.  Many of them are freed slaves from other countries like Ethiopia and Sudan who are mistreated.