The Aksumites (also called Axumites) were the people that inhabited the kingdom of Aksum (or Axum) in

King Ezana of Aksum

modern day Ethiopia in Africa.  Their original religion was a pagan religion which included the worship of Attar, the god of the morning star, who was also worshipped in Southern Arabia in pre-Islamic times. They also worshipped Maher (or Mahrem), who was the god of war and son of Attar, and Beher, god of the sea.  During the reign of their powerful king, Ezana, from 325 AD to 360 AD, their territory expanded and their main religion became Christianity.  Aksumite territory included Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen, southern Saudi Arabia, northern Somalia, northern Sudan, and southern Egypt.  In the old days of Aksum, in the first century AD, they would trade with the Roman Empire (in its late times).  They also traded in the Red Sea and India.  The Aksumites spoke a Semitic language called Ge'ez (also spelled Gi'iz). The Aksumites did not have horses in war, as horses were not in Africa during the Aksumites time, but they did use donkeys (the African wild donkey) and elephants. Aksumite soldiers used iron tanged spears, poniards, and a broad flat blade in battle. They were known for being spear throwers, and also had archers. 


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