The Old World Naum, Ancient Naum, were the ancestors of the distant modern day Naum peoples.

The old world Naum were cannibalistic, racist, sexist, brute men who wanted to rule and enslave all who wasn't a Naum. They worshipped Brute Gods, and tortured people, imprisoned and had horrible ways. They were liars too, and thieves who participated in banditry and massacres.

The Old world Naum had horrible morals and ways. They would leave people in prison cells in underground chambers, and say they are getting out soon, but they wouldn't. The prisoners would sit there and slowly die, or rats would tear into their cells and eat them alive in their sleep or anything, and you are left there to slowly die, get ate by rats, poisonous rats, or black mold growing in your small, wet cells. If you escaped you were mutilated. They imprisoned ANYONE they could capture that they didn't think deserved to live.

They tortured and killed leaders. Citizens were held in underground chamber cells to rot away. Wet caves, where rats and wild animals burrowed through the ground. Imprisoners would tear your eyes out if you tried to escape. They would tear your hands or eyes out. They would just slice them off and throw you back in the cell and never see you again. They even boiled people, and fed the melted flesh to other prisoners.

The Old World Naum lived from around 800 to 609 BC. In 609 BC, a leader of the Naum, Relrk, changed their ways for good. Relrk was almost overthrown by his people, as Relrk slayed his father in combat. Relrk made a treaty with other civilizations, and they changed they way the Naums believed, the Gods they worshipped, and the way things were done. Relrk is known as a legend to most modern day Naum, who thrive for peace and technology.

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