Armand Ratash

Armand Ratash is the Persian leader of Arazad and he is the Main RP character of Amir Kinard.


When Armand was very young, around 7 years old. His father went off to fight in a war againt the Greeks, as he was the leader of his own army. After 9 months all the soldiers came back but tragic news had come back with them. Armand's father had died in battle thus destroying his city and it being over ruled by the Greeks. Now as a 29 year old man he vows to take revenge, so he made his own city and plans to take back what the Greeks took.


Armand is a quiet and secretive person. But at the same time he is deadly, he plans in silence and only strikes himself if he's enraged. He likes taking over other civilizations but he is not that power hungry.


Armand is an athletic man standing at 6'2 and weighing 225 pounds. He wears an armor chest plate with Iron Graves and two Vambraces on his forearms. He has neck length brown hair and a goatee. He has brown eyes and fair skin.

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