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Arx (literally Latin for "stronghold")  was a Roman city controlled by Imperial Wyrm.                             


Town elder/mayor: Gaius Cornelius Aelius

Legion:  Legion CCC (Legion 300)

Legion General:  Titus Otho

Location: Eastern Rome, by the Adriatic Sea

Navy:  Arx Fleet

Naval Commander:  Faustus Hyman


Arx has a harbor where ships arrive, usually trading ships and such.  It is guarded by the Arx Fleet in case something happens.  It has a lighthouse and watchtowers. 

The city has a marketplace where you can buy food such as bread, olives, and fruit.  You can also buy clothes and armor, and weapons.  In the town center, there is a fountain.  

There is a 2 story white marble building with stone columns and steps.   It is the mayors mansion, sorta like the White House.   Inside is a lobby with benches and a fountain, there is also book shelves with scrolls on it.   There is a desk with a librarian lady who you  can ask to borrow the scrolls.  The floor is a polished, clean marble.

If you take the steps from the lobby and library, you end up in a hallway with several rooms.  One of the rooms is the office of Gaius but you have to ask for permission to have a meeting with him.  Another room is where the scribes and historians have their documents.  At the end of the hallway are two large white doors which lead to the place where the politicians meet and have debates.  It has many marble seats where people sit and at the end of the room is sort of a stage where the mayor makes announcements. 

The barracks in the town, where soldiers are trained, is a marble building with stone columns and a wooden roof.  Inside is a training room with wooden dummies, a weapons collection, and a dungeon where you fight vicious animals like wolves as part of training.  The floor of the barracks is dirt but the basement is stone.

Arx was destroyed by Iberians in 379 AD.