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Asteri is a Greek city of Athenians who branched out of the main city of Athens. They have become powerful despite being basically just a colony, and a continuously growing in power. They have also taken a Spartan colony and the land controlled by that colony over while their soldiers were away, adding to their land. Over the timeskip they have conquered some more land as well. Unlike Athens itself, Asteri is far less democratic, and has a singular ruler. The Asteri would rather not get into large wars, but do intend to expand. They are allied with several other Cities as well, and are part of a fairly large alliance.

Important information 

Military - 50k soldiers, 850 war ships. 50k soldiers are in their actual military, but the large majority of the civilians have at least some combat training, and have weapons for defense as well.

Leader and General - Ajax Contos.

Population - 95k

Location - On the northeast side of the Aegeon Sea. Fairly close to the shore, with several ports that are guarded by ships and patrols. The city is a bit off from the shore and ports though, to make it slightly less in danger from naval attacks on the city directly. 

Military Equipment

Sword: 1-3 feet in length, double edged, leaf shaped.

Spear (main weapon): Between 2m and 3m. Leaf shaped iron blade, and pointed iron end.

Helmets & Armor: Bronze

Shields: Between 80cm and 1m diameter. Bronze facing, wooden core, leather linings.

Javelins: Not carried by normal foot soldiers, but used by several smaller groups meant for more hit and run tactics.

Ballista: Mounted on city walls to defend it. Most citizens also have a basic knowledge on how to use it, and basically all the soldiers do. Many are also on the warships.

Catapult: Carried on ships for attacks, and can also be taken by land. Many are in the city as well for defense.

Horses: Unlike the main City State of Athens, Asteri has a quite developed cavalry. They still prefer normal foot soldiers though, and have many more.

Archers: Ajax Contos is a very intelligent man, and realized that archers are very important. So unlike most Greek armies, the Asterian military has quite a lot of archers. This includes horse-mounted ones.