Atollo is a Romano-British port city located in Southern Britain. Atollo can also be considered a small kingdom of sort, since their leader, Caine Camelon, is referred to as King. Atollo is a very large city, with many buildings, a large protective wall, and even a castle of sorts, and a port. 


King and General - Caine Camelon. 29 years old, has a wife, two sons, and a daughter. He has been trained in battle since he was a child, and is incredibly experienced as a leader, despite his relatively young age.

Military - Atollo's military consists of around 43,500 soldiers. Due to being on the sea, Atollo has a very powerful navy as well, unlike most other cities.

  • Knights - Around 8,500
  • Horsemen - 10,000+
  • Archers - 11,000+
  • Foot Soldiers - 13,000+
  • Horses - 35,000+
  • Ships - 600+
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