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The Baltic People

The Balts or Baltic peoples, defined as speakers of one of the Baltic languages, a branch of the Indo-European language family, are descended from a group of Indo-European tribes who settled the area between the lower Vistula and southeast shore of the Baltic Sea and upper Daugava and Dnieper rivers. Because the thousands of lakes and swamps in this area contributed to the Balts' geographical isolation, the Baltic languages retain a number of conservative or archaic features. Among the Baltic peoples are Lithuanians, Latvians, all Eastern Balts, as well as the Old Prussians, Yotvingians, Galindians, and the Western Balts.

A Baltic Knight

The Baltic religion is Romuva which is a polytheistic pagan faith which asserts the sanctity of nature and has elements of ancestor worship. although some of the western balts such as Galindian tribes have slowy become slavic.

From indirect byzantine influence (through kievan rus) the Balts learned to use both laminar armor and chainmail as effective means of protection.