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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 31 December 2013

In Defence of Moscow

Battle of Moscow

October 2nd, 1941

The Germans had pushed them all the way to Stalingrad, Leningrad..

And Moscow.

Georgi Trusov was the commander of a large army of the USSR, stationed in the western lands of the Soviet Union.

And he was now tasked with defending the capital against an endless wave of Germans, Hungarians, Rumanians..

But, he would hold.

Even if millions of men die.

Moscow shall hold.

Even if the Germans capture Stalingrad and Leningrad,

Moscow will still hold.

Moscow shall always hold.

Men would be pouring from Asia over to Moscow, all he had to do was defend until then, and begin pushing the Germans ever so slightly back.

The Germans had charged quickly, ripping open a hole in the northern army, A clean path to Moscow..

He quickly sent…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 31 December 2013


Operation Barbarossa

June 22th, 1941

Reinhold's force was transferred to Poland a few weeks ago, and now he knew why.

An attack on the USSR was to start today.

He was given the position of being the main army for the central push.

He had doubts of whether the attack would be a success, but he'd damn well try to make it such.

He had separated his force into two task teams, one going north while the other heads straight forward. He had doubted the northern forces could push deep into the Soviet territory without some extra aid.

His troops quickly mobilized and began advancing, with Russians in sight.

The Soviets lost a division of infantry rather quickly to the central task-force, with Reinhold's troops continuing their march before they saw a gigan…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 31 December 2013

Balkan Campaign

Yoooo, noone's reading any of these, so from now on ima stop posting author's notes and just the story. Gbai.

The Balkans Campaign

28th, October. 1940.

Martino Carnavo, leader of the main force for taking the Balkans.

Messe was leading the naval forces.

Yugoslavia and Greece. They were the targets.

Martino's force quickly met a Yugoslavian blockade, and his troops attempted to break through it.

The barricade was broken after a while, as Yugoslavia in its whole was now in sight.

At the same time, reports from Messe said that the British fleet was stationed at Greece, and had ambushed his ships.

Martino sent a handful of troops to the coasts, in case of a landing operation by the British, along with a few cruisers to assist Messe's fleet.

The push int…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 29 December 2013

Desert Fox

Back to short chaps, 'Pologies, peeps, didnt have much info on the benghazi battles aside from their dates. So I couldnt really detail much. But ye, first chap in a different theatre! (not countin sino wapnesu)

The Desert Fox

April 4th, 1940.

Arrigo Bava, leader of a force of a few Italian divisions, and to defend the African city of Benghazi, which was currently surrounded by Allied forces.

But news from their ally, the Germans, had said they sent a large force to Africa, and the leader of that army, Erwin Rommel, had already secured a handful of cities similar to Benghazi, and defending it shouldn't be a problem. They could even turn the defensive into an offensive!

Thus, Arrigo had hoped his troops could hold out until Rommel could arrive.


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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 29 December 2013


Yo, I am currently feelin pretty 'coo right now, so I decided to write this as I was in a good mood. Also..


  • Woopwoop*

Operation Sealion

15th, September, 1940.

The Germans had captured the entirety of France, and caused the few remaining French forces to join the Axis.

 And now they were going for the capture of Britain.

Irving Perrim was the commander of a large part of the British navy, and was to prevent any Germans from landing onto the coast.

They had absolutely no idea of the German navy, they could be minuscule, or double the size of Britain's.

But nonetheless, London was to be safe, Plymouth was to be safe, Bristol was to be safe.

Not a single soldier was to land.

Any chance of turning the defense into an offens…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 28 December 2013

Battle of Dunkirk

Annnddd back to very short chaps, apologies, but not much to work with 'ere, srsly..

Battle of Dunkirk

June 3rd, 1940.

Tristen Isadore was the commander of a small French force. The Germans had pushed deeply through all of France, conquering the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

The British had realized there was no longer much of a chance for French survival, but continued assisting them nonetheless.

The army at Dunkirk was faced with Germans to the south and the sea to the north. Thus, their only hope was to evacuate to Britain and hope their country isn't occupied without them. 

The germans were nearing ever closer to Dunkirk, while a few French and British ships began clogging the sea-pass towards the few remaining French ports, hoping t…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 28 December 2013

Fall Gelb

Yo, apologies for takin a break on postin any new chaps for a few days, my GF and the holidays kept me from writin much up. But 'ere ya go, prolly going to post the dunkirk evacuation an hour or two later as I write it up, too. In hopes of makin up for the short break.

Fall Gelb

May 10th, 1940

Germany had achieved the occupation of Poland and Norway, with the Allied forces having had much less of any chance for success than the last major European war.

Reinhold was given command of a large force, plus a few submarines to sink any further British support, and was to pierce through Belgium, and the Netherlands, Before encountering and dealing heavy damage to French forces around the area.

Simple, yes.

Effective? Probably.

Successful? Maybe.

A rather…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 20 December 2013

Cao Cao's Ambition

Yooo, two stories now, woop, but yeh, I'm rather interested in Chinese history (danke koei) so I decided to go write this up, read, review, enjoy.

January 189 AD, Cao Cao's Palace.

Cao Cao was the leader of the province of Chenliu, with a population of 350,000 people and a army of 20,000 soldiers.

He had hoped to give the people of Chenliu hope in their leader, so many would volunteer for the army, and when his army grew to a size large enough? He would destroy Dong Zhuo.

However, that would wait, Dong Zhuo had the entire Imperial Army on his side, along with the warrior Lu Bu, it would take a year or two until any attacks would be successful.

He and his cousin, Xiahou Dun, began giving out free food to the people of Chenliu, while the rest of …

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 16 December 2013

The Invasion of Poland.

Yo, although I said I'd be having 2 chaps for the invasion, I merged em into one so it isnt too short, read, review, enjoy.

Invasion of Poland

(All text is in German, but translated to english for convenience.)


September 25th, 1939.


Reinhold Bruhn, general of the Central Army for the full invasion of Poland.

The Polish had held out surprisingly well during the invasion's beginning, but were exhausted and low on supplies at the front.

Thus, the assault began. 

Reinhold's troops were to pass through the mountain split, one half going to the south, and attacking the flank of a large Polish city, surrounding it with the south army. While the North assists in the capture of Poznan.

The attack wo…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 13 December 2013

Battle of Nomonhan

Yo, although the invasion of poland started before this, I decided to leave it out, cuz all it'd be is the germans sitting in their own lands and getting smacked in the face by some poles, thus I decided to save the two invasion of poland chaps to when germany actually started successfully pushing into the place,

Also, short ass chapter here, apologies, just didnt have much to work with,

The Battle of Nomonhan

(All text is in Russian, but translated to english for convenience.)p

Samuil Sharov, Colonel General of the central Soviet-Japanese Border.


September 16th, 1939


The Japanese were constantly having border conflicts with the Soviet Union and Mongolia, and thus, the Soviets wished to c…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 11 December 2013

Battle and Massacre of Nanking

Yo, two short chaps in a day, woohoo?

Read, review, blah blah.

The Battle of Nanking

(All text is in Japanese, but translated to English for convenience.)


December 12th, 1937


The attack on Nanjing was officially approved, and everyone near the general area was ordered to assault and capture the Chinese capital of Nanking.

Hirotaka's forces were on the wrong side of a river, forced to ford it, delaying the main assault.

The Chinese were defending the river as much as they could, with only one actual army able to get to Nanjing from the mainland, if they prevented the rest of the armies from getting there, the attack would no doubt be a failure.

The northern Japanese army was hoping to take t…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 11 December 2013

Battle of Taiyuan

Yo, this one is alot more shorter than the rest, mostly due to not havin much to work with compared to Shanghai. Anyway, read, enjoy, review.

The Battle of Taiyuan

(All text here is in Japanese, but translated to English for convenience.)


November 7th, 1937


Although the high ranking generals had said that the invasion of Nanking would start soon, it had been a handful of months and no attack.

Hirotaka had understood the idea, for the most part. And thus was patient for his role in the attack.

He had heard of a large battle going down south, but had kept his forces where they were. For all he knew the battle was going perfectly well, going towards it when its already about to be won would …

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 11 December 2013

The Battle For Shanghai

Yo, wrote up the next chapter, enjoy. Feel free to review too, if ya want!

The Battle of Shanghai.

(All text is spoken in Japanese, but translated to english for convenience)

Despite the Grand Marshall's constant stressing of how he'd try to get Hirotaka a key role in the Battle of Shanghai, many other high ranking soldiers had disagreed, arguing that anyone could make the first battle of the war a success. As a result, Gyokusho had decided to not include Hirotaka until later on during the battle. —————————————————————————————

October  8, 1937.


The battle for Shanghai had been going well, but need for further support to entirely take Shanghai and the surrounding areas was needed.

Hirotaka and his army had been situat…

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Keffy Palazzo Keffy Palazzo 7 December 2013

A story I wrote.

So, I wrote a story, xd. Based on ww2 and all, I decided to post it here cuz, this place is at least a bit historical, right? Anyway, ya. Story go.

(Note, All text here is in Japanese. But translated to english for convenience.)

July 7th, 1937.

Hirotaka Shidehara.

The general of the Third Japanese Army Regiment, situated at the Marco-Polo Bridge.

Tensions between the Chinese and Japanese were on the rise, especially after the Invasion of Manchuria.

Hirotaka had taken direct place during a handful of battles during the invasion, as well. So he definitely knew the flames of rage between the two countries.

Today was the day that rage flamed out of all control for both sides.

A soldier had gone missing, and Hirotaka noticed it as he took a quick headc…

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Imperial Wyrm Imperial Wyrm 4 December 2013

Conquerors RPG Simulation: The Counterattack Begins!

Here is a simulation I made based on RP:The Counterattack Begins!.   For Arx, Asteri, Creciente, Benben, and Jeice's Spartan village (which I forgot the name of and its in Greek letters) I used sprites from Age of Empires: Rise of Rome.   For the Naum and Chatti, I used sprites from Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors because it had better sprites for vikings and Germanic type people. 

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Imperial Wyrm Imperial Wyrm 3 December 2013

Conquerors RPG Simulation: Arx vs Chatti

I made a simulation, a reenactment of the Battle of Weser River using the game Age of Empires: Rise of Rome.  Leave a request in the comments section of what battle I should reenact next :)

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Imperial Wyrm Imperial Wyrm 23 November 2013

What do you think is the coolest weapon in history?

I know most of you would say guns or something...but my favorite weapon in history is personally a halberd.  It is a combination of a pike (a stronger version of a spear) and an axe.  They used it alot in the early renaissance/post middle ages in England and the Chinese did use them when fighting the Mongols under Genghis Khan's rule. 

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Imperial Wyrm Imperial Wyrm 6 November 2013

What is your favorite civ in all history?

My personal favorite civilization in all history is the Sumerians because they were the first advanced culture and we don't know too much about them, other than they were in bronze age Iraq, invented mathematics and an advanced writing system, and wrote some of the worlds earliest stories like The Epic of Gilgamesh.  Gilgamesh was a real king but also a mythological figure (like King Arthur) and he was a strong demigod, kinda like the Sumerians version of Hercules.

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