Nauk Stelnok Nelnausson (618 BC -- 521 BC) was a Chief of the Naum people, predecessing his son, Chief Ragnar. He reigned as Chief for 82 years, from 603 to 521 BC, from his predecessor, Chief Sidni (660--618BC; served 641--603BC)'s, death.

Nauk was raised by his father Nelnaus (645--513BC), after his mother's death of childbirth. Nauk had no siblings due to this. Nauk's father, Nelnaus, was a peasant that worked as a hard-stone worker in Maedel, and Frofel. At the age of 15, he raised to the rank of Chief of the Naum. This was because Nauk was a smart young man, and his colleagues offered to try to get him in the election for the next chief after Sidni died of heart troubles in 603 BC. 

Nauk served for 82 years as Chief of the Naum. Nauk was such an accomplished leader, he won every election for a new Chief. At the age of 97, Nauk, in failing health, died on a horseback ride to Frofel to check on infantry in 521 BC. His family mourned him and his body was carried through the woods to a secret burial ground only his son and the army knows of.

Nauk's only son, Ragnar,  took place as Chief after being elected, and Nauk wanted him to take the throne (which technically broke the usual Naum ways, to not use dynasties, but electives. Though Ragnar was elected nonetheless.) 

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