Ragnar Stelnok Naukson (575 BC--479 BC) was a Chief and Leader of the Naum people and their entire culture. He resided
in the Great Hall in Maedel, the Naum capital city and stronghold in northern modern-day Sweden.

He wa a wise old man, and excellent leader and had been for his 50 years he has been reigning. He as not so much of a warrior, as he is a scholar. He married his wife Olda in 552 BC, and they have 4 children, 3 sons and a daughter:

  • Ragnel Stelnok
  • Melnik Ragnarson
  • Alis Ragnardottir
  • Gondelk Ragnarson 


Ragnar ame from a long line of famous Chiefs and intelligent Naum. His father was Chief Nauk, who lead the Naum as one of the greatest Chiefs in Naum history, for 80 years. Ragnar was raised in the forests of northern Sweden in the 560s, being an excellent scholar, not much a warrior. 

He married his wife Olda in 552 BC. They had 3 sons and a daughter, his oldest and most likely heir, being Ragnel, who succeed him as Chief. Ragnar had around 13 grandchildren, 5 from Ragnel.

He died in 479 BC of natural causes.

Leader of the Naum

Ragnar ascended to the ranks of Chief upon his father's death in 521 BC. People knew he'd be a good leader.

So far, Ragnar has been labelled as a great leader of his people. His laws, and way of business have proved excellent among the Naum for many years. His people look up to him. Ragnar brought Scholarship to the Naum, as the Naum used to have a bad education system, and whoever didn't want to go to Schooling didn't have too. Ragnar enforced it. 

He was Chief during the Chatti Conflict.

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