Relrk Edmarch "Stone-Stabber" Relrkson, II (c. 1000 -- 909 BC) was an ancient Naum leader, who is known for bringing peace to the Naum people by getting rid of the old, cannibalistic, slaving, sexist old Naum ways, in replacement of new ways, better ways aimed towards the future. 

Relrk is known as a great leader, and most modern day Naum worship him as a God. Upon his death, the Naum say Relrk became a god. People now worship him as one, leaving once-a-month-offerings.

Not many documents of Relrk exist, as only legends and stories are passed down of him.

Relrk slayed his father in combat as a young man, as Relrk's father was a man whom believed in the old ways. Relrk's father immediately saw his son as a threat after finding out he opposed the old ways, and his son had much power, so Relrk's father fought him and Relrk slew him. The legend is still told. Relrk had 13 children with an unknown partner, one of which is Relrk III, who was also a great Naum leader.

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