Conquerors RPG Wiki

This is the timeline of Conquerors RPG.  The current year in RP (Role-Play) is 555 AD, only a century after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.  The Byzantine Empire, the surviving eastern half of Rome, is currently ruled by Justinian I. 

Events in Role-Play

Ancient times

511 BC

The battle of Weser River begins.

A certain Greek city starts Inhabiting the Aegean coast.

The battle of Weser River ends.

The Chatti attempt to conquer the Batavi

The Chatti successfully conquer the Batavi.

The Greeks inhabit the Aegean Coast

The Romans attempt to make an alliance with the Greeks but leave after realizing they made an alliance with the Chatti

The city of Arx attempts to make an Alliance with the city of Naum.

The Chatti attack the Roman outpost once again.

The city of Arx successfully makes an alliance with the Naum.

The Romans gain nothing but casualties as the battle ends.

The Chatti, Arx, Fenseges TribeOchurómaNaum, and Kratos make an alliance.

The Fenseges Tribe is wiped out by  the greek army Προπύργιο.

The Egyptian army Nu's Children from the city Benben form an alliance with Προπύργιο, the Germani Tuasleà army, and finally the Zhou Dynasty army known as the Scoula'Tev to combat the growing power of the Major European Forces Alliance.

The Chatti secretly leave the Major European Forces Alliance.

The Allied Colonial Protectorate Alliance makes their first counterattack on the Major European Forces Alliance, four of the armies from the ACPA group up and attack one of the cities from the MEFA, the city known as Arx and its army Legion CCC

The attack is eventually turned into a stalemate, neither side making any gains, but both suffering appalling casualities.

The Naum and Arx leaders meet to discuss trading routes and trade. 

509 BC

Kuznar temporarily resigns from War Chief of the Naum, and appoints Fordac Rough-Beard as leader.

Arx captures an Etruscan mountain settlement.  It is claimed as part of Arx, and 10, 000 Etruscans are forced to join Legion CCC

Naum, Arx, and Kratos have a meeting and plan an attack on the Chatti. 

The invasion does not go well and Fordac finds out that a messenger named Mabson, gave him a wrong message, and the original plan was to ally with the Chatti.  Guilty of the damage, Naum and Arx make peace with the Chatti and become their trading partners. 

Lucius Tarquinius Superbus is overthrown, and the Roman Republic is founded.  Lucius Junius Brutus is the first consul. 

There is a civil war in Rome and Brutus is killed in battle against Arruns, another son of Tarquinius.  Tarquinius loses the war, is exiled, and the Romans win.  Brutus is succeeded as consul after his death, by two consuls, Spurius Lucretius Tricipitinus (father of Lucretia) and Publius Valerius Publicola.

Early medieval times

530 AD

Mert Kartal is born.

550 AD

Mert Kartal becomes khagan of the Demir Raiders.

555 AD