Ermias Elias

Ermias Elias, as the General of Eskinder.

Ermias Elias (Amharic; literally meaning "God will uplift" and "the Lord is God") is the head general of the army Eskinder of the city Mateos. He is 31 years old and has been the general for 6 years. 


Ermias was born to two poor citizens of Mateos. His father would constantly work as an architech, hardly making any money, while his mother would stay home and watch over him. As he got older, he started working alongside his dad, helping him become much stronger. His entire family, along with all the other poor citizens of Mateos, were treated quite horribly by the mayor and the government overall.

Causing seeds of resentment to bloom and prosper, causing the poor people of the city to hate the wealthy and those in power. Which was a problem, as most citizens of Mateos were poor. As things had become progressively worse, Ermias had eventually ended up joining the rebellion that took place against the mayor. With the leadership of Isaias Emanuel, the now current mayor, they managed to overthrow and kick the mayor out of office, with Isaias being elected in his place. As the new mayor, Isaias brought about greath change within the past 6 years and Ermias had become the new head general of the army.


Despite his formal appearance, Ermias is a very aggressive, hotheaded, and violent person. Most of this was caused due to his horrible childhood growing up poor. He is extremely tempermental, rash, and sometimes reckless on the battlefield. But due to his fighting ability, tactics, and strategy, he was chosen as the general of Eskinder. 


Ermias is a rather average height and muscular man with dark brown skin, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. He is 5'10" and weights approximately 167 lbs. He wears several layers of white cloth when dressed casually, but in battle, he wears the most spectacular of armor. His armor is comprised of steel and bronze, with cloth undergarnments beneath it all. He also has a long flowing cape to signify his position as the general of Eskinder, and wears a steel helmet as well. 

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