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Faustus Hyman was a Roman naval commander of the Arx Fleet

Faustus in armor with his sword


Before becoming naval commander,  Faustus was a pirate who looted Greek, Roman, and Egyptian ships.  He was feared in the seas.   When he was finally captured in Arx, they spared his life since he swore allegiance to them.  He became a soldier in Legion CCC but was later promoted to Naval Commander in the Arx Fleet. 

He is known for establishing an alliance and trade routes with the Naum people of Sweden. 

When Arx was invaded by Scoula'Tev, Προπύργιο, Benben, and the Chatti, Faustus held off the invaders on land, with many naval soldiers.  Asteri and Creciente helped the soldiers of Arx hold the armies off until Legion CCC arrived, having been in Akbar Dezh

Faustus fought the Spartan leader Pantodynamos aftokratoras ton Spartiaton.   Pantody attempted to decapitate Faustus but Faustus ducked and his helmet was knocked off instead.  Eventually, Pantody was killed after being shot full of flaming arrows. 

When Legion CCC arrived, the Spartans were defeated and the full Chatti army had arrived.  Eventually, the Chatti, Scoula'Tev, and the army from Benben, all retreated...they were hopelessly outnumbered!

Faustus Hyman died at 50 years old, heroically, fighting against pirates.