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The Fenseges tribe was a large Hun Tribe lead by Blaedla, it was RPed by Goten66. Blaedla recently died from a strange disease however. The tribe was destroyed soon after Blaedla's death. It was actually a collection of dozens of smaller tribes all allied into one larger one. They had a collective population of around 45,000 (plus slaves/prisoners) around 20,000 of them being soldiers (nearly all the male members of the tribe are soldiers, plus some female ones). They were fierce warriors, who were trained from a very young age. Their bows were nearly unmatched, and they had amazingly skilled archers, who were trained to fight on horseback. They also used swords, spears, and axes. They liked using lassoes as well, using them to drag their enemies while running on their horses. 

Leader: Blaedla - formerly 

Military: Fenseges Army (25,000 soldiers before its destruction)

Military Leader: Blaedla

Location: Central Hungary.

Note:The Fenseges tribe has been entirely wiped out by the Greek Empire, due to its alliance with the Major European Powers.