Fordac Luis Edmarchson (553 - 488 BC) was a Naum war chieftain and general who served under the honorable Chief Ragnar.

Fordac was raised into a family of viking war veterans. His father was Edmarch Luis Orvlivson (582 BC-519 BC) and his mother's name was Leah. His uncle's Ichammar and Rannuel were colonels in Naum war. His brother Tchane was a Private. His grandfather was Orvliv Parchmane Mykeleson III (617 BC-537 BC), also a renowned general and captain of the Navy. He is a distant descendant of the ancient Naum Kings. 

Fordac was educated at several Naum education houses until age 16, when he joined the cavalry right off of graduating. He, like his father and forefathers, quickly reached success. War was in his blood, and he was calm and reserved yet strategic and calculating.

He married and bore 14 sons, all whom served in the armed forces.

Kuznar leave; Rise to Commander

Kuznar was the commander, leader of the Naumi Invaders for 10 years, before leaving his position (not permanently) on stress and family. He appointed Fordac in his place, a good friend. Fordac ushered in new policies and more direct tactics to strike into whomever he needs to protect his people. Fordac was also known as the "bull moose" of the North due to his hard and straight tactics.

Fordac served as General until his death in 488 BC.

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