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Frofel is one of the 4 major Naum bases/strongholds located in the mountains of


northern modern-day Sweden. The Naumi Invaders are the main people to reside here, but citizens also live in the stronghold. But it is mainly an army-controlled parish.


Frefol began construction around 719 BC, 81 years after the Naum landed and established their civilization in northern Sweden. Maedel was the capital city of the Naum empire, and all connections went to it. Frefol was established as part of the growing Naumi civilization. Frefol is located several miles northwest of Maedel, in the deep mountainous terrains, where most people can't get to without hard work. 

In modern day (509 BC), Frefol is still a working stronghold, and major army encampment.  Citizens are often led out of the city in times of war or crisis, to protect them. Using elaborate underground tunnel systems. 

Tunnel system to Maedel

Each of the 4 Naum strongholds have underground tunnels connected to them, leading to Maedel. They are around 30 feet underground, but are supported by stone and steel structures.