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Gaius Cornelius Aelius was a Roman politician and the mayor of Arx.                



Gaius Cornelius Aelius was the son of a Roman merchant and a Greek woman.  He was born in a Roman settlement in Egypt.  As a child, he was an intellectual and studied hieroglyphics, he also learned trigonometry from the Egyptians.  He was good friends with Wosret, an Egyptian philosopher hired by his parents to be his tutor.  Unfortunately, Gaius and his mother had to move after Gaius' father died.  They moved to the capital of Rome and Gaius, though he was 11 at this time, paid off the debts that the family had using his mathematic genius.  After his father had died, his mother couldn't pay the debts. 

When Gaius was 16, his mother died and he enlisted in the military.  He spent 20 years in the military as a scout and messenger. 

After retiring from the military, Gaius became a teacher and philosopher in Arx.  He spent three years at this but decided to become a senator.  As a senator, people loved him because of his plans.  He planned on fortifying settlements and having scientists research more advanced siege weapons.  Apart from war, he wanted to pass laws to make the poor have food and he built hospitals for wounded soldiers.  The people of Arx voted for him and eventually, Gaius became mayor of Arx. 

After he had served all his terms as mayor, Gaius retired from politics, becoming a historian.  He wrote histories on Cyrus the Great and the Thracians.   Gaius died of a stroke in his 70's.