Navy general
Thalassa is the leading General of the Navy for the Spartan Colony of Palaió Froúrio. He is a great tactician and is usually an ambassador to other colonies/empires. 

(This character is the main RP character of user Maroyasha)


Littile is known about Thalassa except that his name means "Sea." Befitting his position of Naval General. At a young age he was immediatley facinated by ships. Always helping his father repair and command the ships. Now, at the lead of his own Navy, he rules the seas.


  • Great tactical advisor
  • Quick thinker
  • Extreme combat training
  • Years of archery training


  • Gold plest chate
  • Gold shin pads
  • Gold thight plates
  • Gold helmet
  • Red shield
  • Red sword
  • Skirt like covering
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