The Gepids were an East Germanic tribe that inhabited mostly parts of Eastern Europe, such as Poland,

An illustration of a Gepid warrior with a sword, and braided hair

Romania, and Serbia.  Like the Visigoths and Suebi, the Gepids main religion was Arianism.  The earliest recorded Gepid king was Fastida, who was at war with the Visigoths in the 3rd Century AD.  The Gepids fought alongside the Huns at the battle of the Catalaunian Fields, under King Ardaric, and some historians believe that after the death of Ellak, Attila's son, the Huns and Gepids merged.  It is also said that before the Gepids migrated to Eastern Europe, they had lived in Southern Sweden. 

The Byzantine historian, Jordanes, says that Gepid is derived from "gepanta", an insult in the Gepids language, meaning "sluggish".  It is not actually what the Gepids called themselves.  What the Gepids called themselves is unknown, but Jordanes calls their land, Gothia, which is what many lands inhabited by the Goths were called.

Gepid kings were buried in tombs with gold jewelry, vases, and rings.


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