This is a guide on the role-playing system of the wiki.

How to role-play

If you want to role-play with someone, as in have a battle with their city, village, or town, you must make a page entitled "(The name of your army)  vs (The name of your opponents army)" or "Battle of (Insert name of a certain place here)".    Each time you make a move, you must have your username in bold print. 

You can't just start off making an attack, you must either describe HOW you discovered your opponents city and WHY they want to start a war with them.  They could just want to conquer it to make it part of their empire or pillage it for treasure and riches. 

It can be a naval battle with warships or it can be fought on land.  It is your choice. playing as the Egyptians, because they technically aren't around in this time period.  Well, they are, but they are controlled by two empires, the Aksumites and the Byzantines.  Northern Egypt belongs to the Byzantines, and most of them speak Greek and are Christians.  Southern Egypt belongs to the Aksumites and most of them speak Ge'ez and are Christians as well.  If you want to be Egyptians, you can either play as the Byzantines and Aksumites, since the Byzantines and Aksumites rule Egypt in this time period.

You must add "Finished RP's" to a role-play page when you are finished with it. 

You can control NPC's but you must only control two NPC's because otherwise, it'd be too easy to get an empire and that'd make role-playing here pointless.

If the city/town/village (settlement) or tribe you control has been destroyed and you were conquered in battle...then you must add the category "Destroyed Settlements/Tribes".  After this, you can either start over with a new city and playing as a different civilization, or start a rebellion and try to take over again.

Whenever a character dies, it will be categorized as "Deceased".

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