Gustaf Chatti was a high ranking general of the Tuasleà, leader of the Chatti navy, and also the leader of the conquered Batavi settlement.


He was born to Achim and Cecila Chatti. Both regular Chatti people. He joined the Tuasleà at age 16. Joining in many raids on the Batavi.

He was chosen by both Ansgar Chatti and Kuno Chatti to be the leader of the now conquered Batavi settlement. Which he accepted.

In 509 BC, The Chatti navy became an existant naval force, with Gustaf promoted to the leader of it as well. In return, the Batavi settlement was mostly ruled by a small group of well-known citizens there, to relieve any stress or worries Gustaf would have.

He was killed during a small naval reconnaise, his ship crashing into land, and him being impaled by a large chunk of wood.


He was 5'8. Weighing 155 pounds. He wore a bronze breastplate, a leather hat, leather gloves, and leather boots when he was in a battle ready style.

As leader of the Batavi settlement. He wore a cloth hat, with Rí painted onto the back and front of it. (Irish/celtic for King) along with general simple clothes.


Iron Sword

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