The Start

The start of this Greek Spartan village, is when they took over Προπύργιο, one of the villagers, called Kyriachos, ran away because they knew that the other villagers would not hold out. He retreated to Bulgaria, and found a village there, he learned how to fight and joined their army. He fought a  couple wars with them, until he got so strong he betrayed all of the people in the army, and in the village, he made half of the army, and half of the villagers prisoners and made them into his army. He then took the previous queen with the other king, and made her his queen instead. Then they started planning and planning for wars.

The Army and its Leaders

2 main people: The King: Kyriachos and the Queen: Mukilochus

The 4 Main Generals: Nako Mutlima, Jetuba Duglum, Culetaha Huklamo, and Tuila Yefah

The 30,000 people in the army: They fight in wars. period.


Kyriachos was originally a trading villager. He traded for food and goods for him to make for his family, but his family got slaughtered after the alliance war. after he saw his family die he ran and ran.

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