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The Krátos Army is the army from Krátos, the general is Paramonos Anthis, and the army currently has exacty 77,796 soldiers. 


  • Swordsmen - Highly Skilled, and Trained men armed with banged steel shields, as well as Gladius's.
  • Spearmen - Highly skilled warriors, not shields, but can reach from up to 4 feet with the spears.
  • Archers - Highly skilled in archery, equiped with the finest bow and arrows Greek technology can make.
  • Cavalary - Warriors skilled in horse riding, and swordsmenship.
  • Ballista, and Catapult Squads - Men that control the battling rams and catapults.
  • Beserkers - Highly skilled, beeffy brawn warriors who tank on huge war axes, and heavy armor.

Armory and Weapons


A Gladius, ancient Rome swords usually used by Spartans and Gladiators. The Gladius swords are made of fine iron from the mines down under Krátos.


Swordsmen used shilds made of banged up, and recycled steel from the enemies' armor. 

Spears and Javelins

Spearmen are equipped without shields due to the fact that they have golden pointed spears with glazed wooden handles that range from 4 to 6 feet from themselves.

Bows and Arrows

Bows are made from "perfectly" carven birch wood, and the strongest silk, traded from China. Arrows have either silver, or golden tips as well as feathers from native headwear to keep steady mid point and even sometimes wooden with fire tips.


Heavy, iron-filled war-axes, with pointed tips.

Wars, and Battles



  • Battles Against the Thracian(Won) - The Kratos army, as well as the Akti workers fought off the Thracians as they attacked. The Thracian were wiped out from the Aegean Coast, and Kratos' radius in whole. κάστρο was won after the battle. As well as Foveró.

Seen Formations