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Kuznar Hayndel (born 552 BC) was the main RP character of TheLoneNord. He is a 41 year


old Norse and Iberian mix, his mother being an Iberian and his father being a skilled Norsemen. Kuznar is the current professional War General of the Naum, serving under Chief Ragnar for 8 years, since 519 BC. He is currently on leave as he feels stressed and one of his children was born. Fordac Rough-Beard is in his place for a while.

About & History

Kuznar's childhood story and such, not much is known about. Kuznar learned sword skill and battle skill from a young age, taught to be an excellent warrior. Kuznar's mother, who was an Iberian female, departed from his father, a strong norsemen, because they couldn't be together, due to their culture seperation. His parents never seen each other again, and Kuznar's dad abandon him, because of a broken heart and left off in a boat and has not been seen since. Kuznar was raised by the chief of the Maedel, Ragnar, to be an excellent man and warrior. 

Kuznar is a very strong, and prideful man. He does what is best for his people, and his country, to make them strong, in hopes to one day conquer all of Europe in the Naum might.


  • Sword
  • War Axe
  • War Hammer
  • Knife
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Shield
  • Bone Blade