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Legion CCC (Legion 300) is the Roman legion of the city Arx.  The army consists of 38, 300 men.                                                    


Leaders/Notable soldiers


  • Legionairies  - equipped with iron broadswords
  • Archers - equipped with bows and arrows, can fire poison tipped or flaming arrows,
  • Spearmen  - Legionairies equipped with spears who are good at taking down horsemen
  • Cavalry - Legionairies on horseback equipped with iron lances. 
  • Chariots - Men on chariots pulled by horses, very fast light moving units who throw javelins
  • Chariot Archers - Archers mounted on chariots
  • Catapults - Siege weapons that fire flaming rocks, these catapults are pulled by groups of very strong or "giant" men.
  • Battering Rams - Very large pointed siege weapons on wheels, pulled by six strong Roman legionairies on both sides, and two on one end.