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Magnus (Latin; literally meaning Great) is a Byzantine city that resides in the western half of the Byzantine empire; and it is also the home of Chevalier Agostinho, the general of the army and leader of the city itself. Magnus is a large, well built city with many beautiful buildings and such; and it is also protected by a large wall.

Magnus State.png

Politicial and Critical Information

Leader and General: Chevalier Agostinho, 32 years of age with a son and daughter. He has lots of experience leading his knights and troops onto the battlefield, and is ready for anything.

Sub-leader and lieutenant: Ace Benson, 29 years of age with one son. Has some experience but not an extraordinary amount, but is still considered a vital part in Chevalier's army.

Army: Great Army of Magnus; over 28,574 soldiers.

  •  Knights: over 5,000.
  •  Mounted Infantry: over 6,000.
  •  Archers: over 8,000.
  •  Foot soldiers: over 9,500.
  •  Horses: about 20,000.