This is the Naum Weaponry the Naumi Invaders and Naum people use, and have used for generations. The

Steel/Iron Axe


Bone Axe

Naum are advanced and keep advancing, but use their classic morals and style as well.


  • Naum General - has the best weapons
  • Naum Captain - has very decent weapons
  • Naum Corporal - decent weapons
  • Naum Private - normal weapons, weaker weapons

Bow&Arrows have around 40 arrows default per soldier. 

  • Naum Iron
    • Naum Iron Sword
    • Naum Iron Axe
    • Naum Iron Spear
    • Naum Iron shield (average soldier)
  • Naum Steel
    • Naum Steel Sword 
    • Naum Steel Axe
    • Naum Steel Spear
    • Naum Steel Shield (higher ranked soldiers)
  • Naum Stone
    • Naum Stone Axe
    • Naum Stone Rock (good for throwing and damaging)
  • Bow & Arrows
    • Iron Bow&Arrow
    • Steel Bow&Arrow
  • Naum Bone (lower ranks, but good quality)
    • Naum Bone Sword
    • Naum Bone Spear
  • Slingshots
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