Palaio Frourio is a Spartan colony based around a fort. It is led by Anoci, his name meaning tolerance.

Location and Resources/Information

This colony is placed 50 miles west of Sparta. It is about 30-35 kilometers wide and 25-30 miles in length. It has coal mines 1 mile out to the west and it is surrounded by caves. Within the city there is about 4 miles worth of farming area where wheat and vegetables are grown. Each farm contains about 7 cattle (there are 12 farms), to make milk and other dairy products. It has two main shipping routes, one on the north side of the city and one on the south. Placed at the 4 entrances to the cities (North, South, East, and West entrance) are about 5 guards.

  • Population = Approximatley 6,070
    • Warriors = Around 4,100
    • Citizens = Around 1, 970
  • Military (Stratos tou Dia = Army of Zeus)

Tactical Advantages

  • Above the city are cliffs, containing 2 lookout towers
  • Two rivers running on the east of the city
  • Main fort in center of city
  • 5 well placed armories
  • A swamp/marsh half a mile out of the city to the west
  • Forest at the south of the city

Special Training

The soldiers of the army are specially trained to weild bows as well as swords.

Military Headcount

  • 15 Naval Ships
  • 30 Horses
  • 5 Chariots (For the Higher-Ups)
  • 20 messenger birds
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