Pantodynamos aftokratoras ton Spartiaton (called Pantody for short) Is the Governor/Mayor/Town Elder of the colony Προπύργιο. He has 3150 slaves that give him nuts, food, and news about the generals and the kingdom and the defeat/victory of their wars. He tells the 4 main generals what to do with the kingdom, and whaat improvements need to be main. If the 4 main generals disobeys him, or anyone disobeys him, they will be thrown over the cliff. He was born 4 days before his mother and father was killed by a team of assassins. He almost died at age 6, until he escaped and he ran and ran until he lost them. He has sworn  revenge on the 4 people that killed his parents. He remembers their faces like it was yesterday. He is on the search for those 4 people, he has killed 47 people out of rage because they said they couldn't find anyone described by him. He has never shown his face. His face was burned in fire from age 6 when he almost died. He wears a mask to hide his shame against the others. 


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