Parviz Gol is a Persian politician and the mayor of the city of Akbar Dezh.                             


Parviz was born into the Gol family, a family of philosophers, lawyers, and intellectuals. His father was mayor previously, before him. 

Parviz lives in a golden mansion, the mayors mansion of Akbar Dezh.  He has three wives and five concubines.  He goes on expeditions to other cities and countries sometimes, and has his own elephant which he rides.  The elephants name is "Sarush" meaning "obedience" because the elephant obeys his orders.  

When Akbar Dezh was destroyed by Legion CCC in a battle, Parviz was exiled, along with his beloved elephant Sarush, to a city of luxury called Tharwat.  Titus Otho, general of Legion CCC, was being generous to him, as he felt pity on Parviz.

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