The Picts, which literally translates as painted, were a tribe of people in Scotland, who usually painted their

A Pict standing over a cliff

skin blue.  They were pagans who had druids and practiced human sacrfiice. The Picts worshipped was Crom Cruach, a sun god, whom they sacrificed to, but were polytheists and so worshipped many other gods. By the 400's AD, most southern Picts had been converted to Catholicism by Saint Ninian.    

The Picts had chariots and iron weapons, but they did not have uniforms, and usually went into battle almost naked. It is unknown what language the Picts spoke, but it was most likely an Indo-European language much like Gaelic. Some names that Pictish men had were: Allcallorred, Elpin, Drosten, Gest, Gebe, Irb, and Eddarrnonn. Women had most of the same names as well, since they had unisex naming. No name was really considered only for a male or only for a female.  


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