Going to Arx

A ship comes over into the docks of Arx as it bares a green flag as well as the Kratos flag. It is a trade ship.

People on the harbor of Arx welcome the trade ship.  They wait for it to dock so they can see what the traders have brought.  Arx traders have brought food and weapons to trade with the Kratos merchants.

Kratos Merchants jump off with cows, and crates of beans, vegetables and fruit. In addition, there are many iron ingots.

Arx merchants give the Kratos merchants crates of bread, beans, and figs along with barrels of weapons like iron lances, javelins, daggers, and Roman gladius swords.   Some merchants lead the cows into the city, where they will be taken to farms so they can be butchered and made into food, while other cows will be kept as pets by villagers. The Arx merchants take the goods they got from Kratos and load them onto a cart, they then drive into the city.

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