This is a page RP over the two greek armies, Προπύργιο and Krátos, fighting each other.


The Supreme Super Saiyan Nikad I

Zenon: *Is walking over to the Town Elder Pantodynamos aftokratoras ton Spartiaton's castle* *Arrives* Sir Pantody, we have found a nearby city full of spartans, they appear to be rich and full of food.

Pantody: Why should I care, I'm searching for the group of assassins that killed my parents, I have no need for searching for other villages.

Zenon: But what if  the group of assassins were just hiding there all alone, drowning in their wealth they stole from your parents.

Pantody: Fine. Alert the army to get dressed and get prepared for anything that may come their way, we are going into war, but I am only doing this to search for the 4 assassins. I have nothing to do with the others, but unless they annoy me they all die.

~ 1 hour later ~

Zenon: I have finally gathered all the people in the army correct?!

Army: Yeah!

Zenon: Today is that fateful day! Where we fight for our lives! We have found a village! They are rich and full of gold and other riches! We steal all their goods! And kill whoever gets in our path!

Army: Yeah!

Zenon: Now! Follow me! We strike! 

Army: Yeah!!!

Zenon: *Runs to the ship* COME ON! COME ON! 

Army: *Runs onto the ship* 

~ 5 hours later ~

Zenon: There they are! We strike now!!!

Army: *Goes into the village and steals all their food and kills all the people that own the carts that hold the food* YAA!!

Zenon: Where's your protectors?! This is pathetic! 

(Back at the colony)

Alexios: Where have the others gone Pantody?

Pantody: They are off into a war. 

Alexios: What?! with who?!

Pantody: Zenon.

Alexios: But all of the army are gone! They've gone with him!!

Pantody: What?! Why IF he comes back, he will be thrown over the cliff.

(Back at the battle)



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