This is a Page RP between Προπύργιο and Fenseges Tribe.


The Supreme Super Saiyan Nikad I

Alexaiver: Sir Pantody, we have found another tribe, the name of it is Fenseges Tribe, we might ind who killed your father and mother there. Shall we attack?

Pantody: As long as it has those Retched dirty group of assassins we shall. Go on, Alert the Army, we are going into war. 

Alexaiver: Today we have found another army! We shall destroy it with our spears and shields! Lets go to our ship!

Army: YEAH!! *Runs onto the ship*

~ 2 weeks later ~

Alexaiver: There it is! The tribe! GO AND ATTACK!

Army: Yeah!!!

All of the 31 k people jump out and attack the villagers.


Scouts see the approaching army before it reaches the village and their own army goes to meet it. The soldiers of the Fenseges tribe are unprepared for an attack after the recent loss of their leader. They fight but are more unorganized that usual, they still hold their own fairly well though, but are starting to be sent back.

The Supreme Super Saiyan Nikad I

The army fights and fights, they stab their spears into multiple enemies and block their attacks sometimes. The army then eventually kills a handful of them. Leaving them vulnerable.


Arrows rain down on the greek soldiers, killing many of them as they are too busy fighting to raise shields. The huns are still being gradually pushed back towards their city though. 

The Supreme Super Saiyan Nikad I

The greek soldiers' population is reduced by 2 thousand, 29 k are left. But they keep fighting and fighting, stabbing the other teams with their spears and beheading them with the short swords, eventually there is so few left and we corner them.


The hun soldiers are dwindled down in numbers and cornered. They make one last charge on horses, knowing they willd die, but refusing to completely give up. They kill many greeks in the charge, but are wiped out.

The Supreme Super Saiyan Nikad I

Alexaiver: It's a shame that we didn't get to find the assassins that killed the town elder's parents. me and the other 3 main generals will have to keep searching.

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