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Ships arrive off the coast of Arx, soldiers simply drop off food supply crates which contain Radish, Beans, Celery, and Fruit. And as well as the goods, some fine jewelry, then sail away.

Imperial Wyrm

Two soldiers come and find the goods.  The goods have an inscription on them that says its from Kratos. 

"Should we accept this?" asks Rufus, a Roman soldier.     "I don't know", says Publius, the friend of Rufus, "Gaius' chancellor said that we shouldn't just accept anything..I mean, its a code for our town.  We can't trust everyone.  We don't know much about Kratos, we only made a failed alliance with them". 

"Lets take the goods to Gaius' mansion so it will be inspected", says Rufus.   "You're we go then", says Publius. 

Rufus and Publius load a cart pulled by horses with the crates.  They sniff the crates.  "Mmmm radish, beans, celery...oh and is that dates?" says Publius.  "Don't eat or touch ANYTHING" says Rufus.  "Of course..I know", says Publius.  Publius and Rufus get in the cart and sit down on a wooden bench, they then whip the horses and the horse pulls the cart.  They ride into town and along roads, they eventually make their way to the mayor's mansion.

Rufus and Publius wait in the lobby of the mansion after they request a meeting with Gaius. When they sit down in Gaius' office,  a man breaks open the crates with an iron rod and picks up a rat, he then grabs a piece of fruit.  He has the rat nibble on the piece of fruit, testing it for poison.  He sets the rat and the fruit down on a table and watches the rat eat the fruit.   After a few moments, nothing happens and the other food is inspected.  None of it is poisonous.

Rufus and Publius ask Gaius what to do with the goods, Gaius tells them to put it in the storage room of the mansion, a storage of things which will be either be donated to the poor or given to the army.

The End...