This is an assassination RP mainly with the Scoula'Tev'S House Nihara. They decided to take some affirmative action attempts against the other factions. Specifically the generals with in the Naum, the Greek, and Legion CCC.

Chapter 1: The crumbs that fell from the table.

Yumaoui was pretty upset at the situation. The words "retreat" was something not to be taken or used often. He had prepped most of his forces including the Honor Guard to take on in the assistance of the alliance but the numbers were too great that it was a 'forced' retreat. Tired of it all, he walked then stopped, sitting at a wooden round table inside the Scoula'Tev Tribal Grounds. The other Houses were already waiting for him inside.

"That's it!" he spoke, his voice loud and attentive in Chinese. "No more games, we strike them first!" He slammed his fist on the table as the other heads of the House Nihara and House Ui noddded in approval. Nihara finally spoke "Agreed, I shall send 'Kendo's Brigade's' best to the city of Krátos and get some information on their leaders. Then have them wait at the Aegean Sea for further orders." Signalling him off as the meeting was dismissed. 


Days had passed and Kendo's Brigade were all set for the long trip to the Aegean Sea. Yumaoui was standing by, analyzing them thoughtfully. "Cleansing routines.. an indignity of 'historical wipeout' makes the other factions believe they're in control. It'll be their down fall." 

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