Ragnel Stelnok (549 BC--) is the eldest son of Chief Ragnar, current Leader and Chief of the Naum civilization and people.

Ragnel is a General soldier who works under his father, and maintains a legion of War-ships and boats in the Arctic Ocean. He is the General of the Naum Warship Collage, which builds boats and makes them better, as well as having a line of ships lining the arctic with a fast route to any places, if war strikes the Naum.

Ragnel is tall, brave and has long brown hair. He uses his War axe and shield in battle. Ragnel also works in Naumi politics, and is a War-Accountant under his father. Ragnel will most likely be the next Chief of the Naum, unless General Kuznar of the army takes over (Ragnar likes him). But to be honest, Ragnel doesn't have much of an interest in being the leader of the Naum, he prefers a more individual isolated lifestyle.

He is not seen much as he is always gone from home. Ragnel has a family on the far-northern coast of northern Sweden, on the coast of the Artic. He has 6 children and a wife named Helma.

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