Rashne Tavana was the general of the Desert Tigers of Akbar Dezh.  Killed in battle, he was 45 years old at his time of death.   

Rashne dressed in gold chains


Rashne Tavana was born and raised in Akbar Dezh, never living anywhere besides it.  Though he did go on occasional trips to other cities.  His father was Zubin Tavana, a blacksmith who made weapons for the Desert Tigers.

Rashne was a great scholar who studied astronomy and mathematics when he was in school, he was smarter than the other boys.  He also studied law.  

Rashne was not a very religous man but his father was a devout Zoroastrian.  Rashne thought of most religions as superstition. 

Rashne enlisted in the military when he was 19 and by the time he was 25, was a liutenant general.  Whenever the previous general was killed in combat, Rashne was promoted to general. 

While sent to spy on Arx, he stole a document which contained military information and strategies of Arx.  He also killed Marcello Otho, the father of Titus Otho.  Ever since then, Titus tried to track him down and figure out who he was.


Rashne was killed in a battle with Arx soldiers in a duel with Titus Otho.  His body was buried, and despite Titus' hatred for him, Rashne was given an honorable death.  The city of Akbar Dezh was destroyed and Parviz Gol was exiled.  Titus also retrieved the military document stolen from Arx.


  • Iron Breastplate -  He wears it occasionally, it was one he got from a Greek soldier he killed
  • Gold Chains - His favorite armor, sometimes he will wear it only over a loincloth, while sometimes he will wear leather clothing underneath it.
  • Iron Helm
  • Gold Gauntlets
  • Gold Shinguards
  • Gold Shield


  • Javelin
  • Scimitar Sword
  • Gold Lance
  • Chain Whip
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