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Risastór is the capital city and stronghold of the Kóngur civilization, it was one of the very first Norse strongholds built around 1200 BC and has become one of the largest and most thriving centers of trade and goods in northern Europe and also a major warring state. It serves as the capital city of the Kóngur civilization in northern Scandinavia and is the home to the "Forefathers", the oldest and ruling family in the Kóngur civilization, it's current and most recent ruler is Torvald Tyrson, who gained the position of "High Father" not 4 Years ago taking the place of his father, Tyr Asgerson, after his resignation of rule due to his old age.

Föður Castle.jpg

The city is located in north-western Norway, near the modern day town of Bodo.


In the year 1202 BC, the great Norse Chieftain of Kóngur civilization, Egil Barderson, explored most of Scandinavia up until he found a quiet and peaceful plain of land, with no one in sight, he and his following of warriors started settling on those plains, after many generations of expanding and conquering, the Kóngurs established the fine city of Risastór.

The main high points of the city itself is it's architecture, discovering the strong handiness of the Arch was a great advancement in Masonry for the Kóngurs which served them well in making their city as great as it is.

Most buildings have domes as roves, thanks to the masonic advancement in their construction, the Kóngurs have built many almost all buildings with dome structures as the support has greatly increased the amount of weight it can handle thus allowing for more intricate designs and artistry.

The city is next to a waterfall and even one of the main regions of the city are built in with the waterfall making the city contort to the geography of the landscape and also allow for better defenses for invasions.

Size and Population

Risastór was at first after it's creation, a small village of Norseman and Women, but after many advancements in trading and architecture, Risastór has become a bustling center in trade of goods and mainly weapons and architectural art.

The current population of the entire city measures to be around 45,000 - 50,000+ of residence, the military size is currently 21,000+, the entire city measures to take the place almost the size of Rome in pure size.