Here is the rules for the wiki.  It is important to read these if you are new, this will inform you on how to behave and how to avoid getting banned.

Wiki Rules

  • Pornography is NOT ALLOWED.  Whoever uploads it will get a 1 month block, and if they upload it again..its infinite.  It is not tolerated because it makes the wiki look bad, would be inappropriate if the users were underage, and could get the wiki disabled.
  • No creating spam or troll pages like "I'M GOING TO TEACH (insert a users name here) A LESSON!" or "(Insert a user's name here) SUCKS".  You get the idea.  Also, no making spam, gibberish, or troll comments on pages.
  • Example of spamming:  SACSDFHFGT5RFGFDGHDWESRCXF
  • Example of gibberish:  JOHNNY LAKE WALL HOUSE BLUE  (basically the same as spam, but not just a bunch of random letters and numbers)

Chat Rules

  • Swearing is allowed but no spamming, trolling, or talking about sex and pornography.  You are allowed to swear as long as you don't take it too far, do not spam swears.
  • No insulting other users, its okay if you are joking and didn't mean it, but some users are offended easily. 
  • No banning users for joke reasons, as this may cause problems in the userbase.  This rule goes for mods and admins alike.  You should only ban a user for a serious reason, like if they actually did break a rule.

Role-Play Rules

  •  No godmodding.
  • You must only control two NPC's because otherwise, it'd be too easy to get an empire and would make role-playing here pointless.
  • You must also start with 30, 000 or less soldiers.  Starting with anything more than 30, 000 is overpowered.  You can only have 70, 000 soldiers if you have worked for it, by conquering other people, and recruiting more soldiers.

What is godmodding?

Godmodding is when a user is very unfair in role-playing and has their army win easily and ignore all your attacks.  Saying that you destroyed someone's entire army with a catapult is pure OPness (overpoweredness) and will not be tolerated.  There are many examples of godmodding and different ways to explain it, but this is the basic thing you need to know about godmodding.

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