Torvald Tyrson

Torvald Tyrson (543 BC - ) is the current "High Father" of the Kóngur civilization and Lord of Risastór, the capital city of the Kóngurs.

He is currently 34 years old and has been reigning as "High Father' for four years ever since his father, Tyr Asgerson resigned as "High Father" four years ago due to him not being able to do his job as ruler because of his old age.

Torvald at a young age excelled in the physical challenges that he has been seduced to and is held in regard as one of the strongest Norseman in Scandinavia.

Torvald at the age of 17 married his wife, Astrid, and know currently has 2 daughters and a son:

Ase Torvaldson ( 526 BC - )

Gunilla Torvaldson ( 525 BC - )

Egil Torvaldson ( 524 BC - )


Torvald comes from a line of the oldest family in Scandinavia dubbed "The For Fathers" as they were the ones that established the Kóngurs and the ones that have been ruling for nearly 8 generations.

His Father, Tyr Asgerson, was the longest reining "High Father" for nearly 40 years and as a decision made by him and his consultants and also decided that it was the right time for Torvald to rule now.

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