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Vesper Stolo is the liutenant of Legion CCC from the Roman city of Arx. He is 24 years old.



Vesper keeps calm in dangerous situations and will show no mercy to the enemy. 


Vesper was born in Athens, Greece to a Roman blacksmith and a Phoenician woman. His parents had travelled to Athens on vacation and that is where his mother gave birth to him.

Vesper and his parents lived in a Roman port town until he was 13. He later went to live in Arx, being sent to work for the military there when he became a soldier as a teenager. After battles with Hun invaders and Germanic tribes, he was promoted to liutenant in the military. He was not present in the raids of the Chatti, being in Arx for training at the time.   He did go to Akbar Dezh though to help invade it. 

When Legion CCC returned from Akbar Dezh, Vesper was with them, and he helped them fight off against the remaining armies of Scoula'Tev, Benben, and Chatti which had invaded. 

After the great battle, workers of Arx and workers from Naum helped to rebuild Arx, as it had been damaged in the conflict. 


  • Gladius
  • Javelin
  • Sling


  • Chain mail - He got this from a Germanic soldier he killed
  • Red tunic - He wears this under his chain mail armor
  • Leather vest - He wears this under his tunic
  • Golden shin guards
  • Golden helmet - A Persian helmet which he bought from a Phoenician merchant
  • Iron Shield