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Yumaoui Scoula'Tev is an ancestorial descendant of Rechaui Scoula'Tev. He is also the Tribal Head-Leader of the Scoula'Tev houses.


Yumaoui grew up learning about Scoula'Tev  weaponary, fighting styles and training hard from the start his ancestor founded the Scoula'Tev to current day ScoulaT'ev living. After the passing, he was chosen to be "Head of all the houses" for the Scoula'Tev society as a whole.


Yumaoui is tall man about 6'2. He wears the jagged flag of House Scoula'Tev on the front. He has semi long black hair and is usually seen among House Scoula'Tev.  

Combat Skills

Yumaoui was known through out the Honor Guards of Scoula'Tev to be very keen on his reconnaissance operations and treaty agreements with the other races in the world. Always puttinig those priorities above all others, but still willing to put down his foot or fight for a "cause." Whenever something would go bad, or a mission that seems impossible, Yumaoui found a solution.  

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